Thursday, February 26, 2009

Uta no Onii-san 歌のおにいさん

Genre : Comedy
Episodes : 11 (currently airing on TV Asahi)
Official Website

During at the end of their performance, Yano Kenta was shocked by his band members announcement to disband. Akane, one of the band member and also his former girlfriend decided to leave him without giving any reason. As if cursed with bad luck, he then received a termination letter from his current job. Upon hearing that his son are now jobless, his father demanded that Yano Kenta to pay back all the money his father spent sending him to college. Desperate, Yano went everywhere looking for a job. He went to the wrong interview and was hired as a backup singer for a children show called "Minna de Utao!" (Let's Sing Together) as uta no onii-san (singing brother). At first he was doing his job half-heartedly, thinking the whole show as a stupid wierd act. However, together with everyone on the show he began to work hard and more importantly rediscover himself.

When I first heard about this drama, I have to admit I was not interested at all despite the fact that Ohno Satoshi was the main cast. I was thinking, what's the big deal about this drama?! They are probably fussing over it because Ohno aka Reeda, as his fans fondly calls him. Oh wait a minute, I'm one of them... his fans. LOL. The show seems to get good feedback from international JDrama fans, so I decided to watch just one episode. Now I am one of the happy fans waiting anxiously to watch the next episodes of this series. This drama is not bad at all and although it's doesnt have the great suspense gripping plot, it's very enjoyable to watch. I think it's funny but at the same time teach you to look at life differently. I actually learn a valuable lesson from this drama. :)

Give this drama a chance and you'll be happy that you did. Have a great time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vampire Knight ヴァンパイア騎士,

Genre : Supernatural, Romance, School Life
Episode : 13
Original Manga by Matsuri Hino

Theme Song : Futatsu no Kodō to Akai Tsumi ふたつの鼓動と赤い罪 by On/Off

Yuki is the adopted daughter of the Headmaster of Cross Academy. A few years back she lost her memory and walk aimlessly on a snowy winter night. It was then a vampire tried to attack her but she was saved by Kaname Kuran, a pure blood vampire. She was taken to Cross Academy and become the adopted daughter of the headmaster. Not long after, Zero Kiryu, whose parents were killed by a pure blood vampire was also brought in. Unlike Yuki who became the school prefect (guardian by night) to have the vampires coexist peacefully with humans, Zero becomes a guardian so he can learn the weaknesses of the vampire so he can kill them and have his revenge. Through a cruel twist of fate, having bitten by pure-blood vampire name Shizuka Hio four years before, Zero becomes a vampire himself.

To help her childhood friend Zero, Yuki offered her blood to him and tried to help him fight his curse. She also want to find out the reason why Kaname, who lead the groups of Night Class at Cross Academy, saved her that night? Why would she be the target of so many vampires and yet heal miraculously everytime she was bitten? Now Yuki must recover the lost memories of her past and learn her true identity.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Triangle トライアングル

Genre : Mystery, Suspense
Episode : 11 (currently airing on Fuji TV, KTV - expected to air final episode on March)
Theme Song : Sayonara wa Iwanai by Oda Kazumasa
Official Website

In 1984, a ten year old girl was murdered and her body was found at the riverside by one of her classmates, Horigome Takuya. The girl was Katsuragi Sachie. 15 years later, exactly after the case time limit has ended, Goda Ryoji resigned his post as a doctor and went to Paris. Later in January 2009, he came back to Japan as a trainee for the Interpol. He began contacting old friends and tried to get the copy of the murder case manuscript written by Tomioka Yasushi. As if fated, the manuscript was in possesion of the first witness, Horigome Takuya. Unfortunately Horigome was attacked, his company money was taken and the murder case manuscript disappeared along with it.

At the same day of Goda Ryoji reporting duty, Kuroki Shun received an anonymous phone call claiming that the murder case of Katsuragi Sachie is not yet over. Kuroki Shun began to investigate and later suspecting Goda Ryoji as the murderer, however the case was closed and he couldn't find evidence to link Goda Ryoji with the murder case. He was determined to find out the truth and went to the Katsuragi family. To his great suprise the dead girl's mother told him that the daughter, Katsuragi Sachie is still alive.

Who is Goda Ryoji? Is he the real killer of Katsuragi Sachie? If so, why did he did he killed her? Why did he return to Japan as a police? Why is the manuscript so important? Does it really exists? What about the letter written by Katsuragi Sachie on the day before she was killed? Is Sachie really alive? If so, why would Goda Ryoji tried to protect her? And protect her from whom?


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