Saturday, February 7, 2009

Triangle トライアングル

Genre : Mystery, Suspense
Episode : 11 (currently airing on Fuji TV, KTV - expected to air final episode on March)
Theme Song : Sayonara wa Iwanai by Oda Kazumasa
Official Website

In 1984, a ten year old girl was murdered and her body was found at the riverside by one of her classmates, Horigome Takuya. The girl was Katsuragi Sachie. 15 years later, exactly after the case time limit has ended, Goda Ryoji resigned his post as a doctor and went to Paris. Later in January 2009, he came back to Japan as a trainee for the Interpol. He began contacting old friends and tried to get the copy of the murder case manuscript written by Tomioka Yasushi. As if fated, the manuscript was in possesion of the first witness, Horigome Takuya. Unfortunately Horigome was attacked, his company money was taken and the murder case manuscript disappeared along with it.

At the same day of Goda Ryoji reporting duty, Kuroki Shun received an anonymous phone call claiming that the murder case of Katsuragi Sachie is not yet over. Kuroki Shun began to investigate and later suspecting Goda Ryoji as the murderer, however the case was closed and he couldn't find evidence to link Goda Ryoji with the murder case. He was determined to find out the truth and went to the Katsuragi family. To his great suprise the dead girl's mother told him that the daughter, Katsuragi Sachie is still alive.

Who is Goda Ryoji? Is he the real killer of Katsuragi Sachie? If so, why did he did he killed her? Why did he return to Japan as a police? Why is the manuscript so important? Does it really exists? What about the letter written by Katsuragi Sachie on the day before she was killed? Is Sachie really alive? If so, why would Goda Ryoji tried to protect her? And protect her from whom?


$en$ei said...

aku minat mau tinguk baini, tp mesti time betul2 freee... dan susah mau tinguk la...

Cherry said...

haha... apa buli buat. bah kalau ko free nanti barulah ko tinguk ba.. hehehe..

ILLIE said...

cherry..bagus ko pigi jipun lah..sini banyak butul program tv dia..itu baru tv..kalu pasang yg macam astro sini pangil sky perfect tv..sampai pengsan lah tingu..

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