Friday, February 6, 2009

Liar Game ライアーゲーム

Genre : Psychological thriller
Episodes : 11 (final episodes - 3 hour special)
Original Manga by Shinobu Kaitani
Official Website

Kanzaki Nao was an honest girl with a pure heart. One day she accidentally participates into the 'Liar Game'. The goal was to steal the other opponent 100 million yen. The winner will get to keep 100 million while the loser will be indebted to the organization. Nao thought luck was on her side when the other opponent turn out to be her former high school teacher, thinking she could trust him, she gave her 100 million for safe keeping only to found out the bitter harsh of reality.

Her own teacher cheated her. Desperate to get herself out of trouble, she turns to Akiyama Shinichi. A genius swindler that helps her won the first game. However, thinking that everything is over, she received another invitation to participate in the second round of Liar Game.

I know this is not the most recent drama but I found my copy when I was rummaging my DVD collection. This drama was released in 2007, and one of my favorites. I thought I would do review on previous drama as well. One of the best, truly mind-boggling. Deceiver deceived?! I think the cover doesn't do justice to Matsuda Shota... that hair look freaking fake to me >.< .. Glad it's only on the cover!


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