Thursday, January 22, 2009

33pun Tantei **33分探偵

Genre : Comedy, Mystery
Episodes : 9
Theme Song : Secret Code by Kinki Kids

I dunno what else to say... bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!! ROFL LMAOUTCOR.... A geek who believes in ghost and UFOs, scared the sight of blood and dead bodies, Kurama Rokuro starred by Tsuyoshi Domoto (Kinki Kids member) is well known for his brilliant ambigous deduction.

Although it's obvious who is the real culprit from the very beginning, Detective Rokuro will not let a case end easily and will prolong the mystery exactly 33 minutes by making wild guesses and illogical reasoning. In the end, he did solve the case and the story behind it.

Very funny drama, as Kindaichi he was funny too but at the same time took all the cases seriously and unravel great mystery with such awsome deduction. In 33pun Tantei, it's the total opposite. Great laugh tho... bwahahaha...


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