Friday, January 23, 2009

Maou 魔王

Genre : Mystery, Suspense, Drama
English Title : The Devil
Episodes : 11
Theme song : Truth by Arashi
A remake of a Korean drama The Devil.
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Serizawa Naoto was one of the top detective, one day he received a package containing a tarot card inside a red envelope from a mysterious person. One by one the people around him were murdered by a brilliant plot. He asked help from Shiori, a girl with a power to read leftover memories from an item. The more he dig into the mystery, the more often he encounter with the brilliant angelic lawyer, Naruse Ryo. It's like an inevitable unvisible red thread that link them together, from the murder case 11 years ago.

This award winning drama won not just the best actor, best supporting actor and best supporting actress awards but also the heart of it's viewer. It tells of a story of a brilliant lawyer, Naruse Ryo who live a double life. An angelic lawyer who fight for justice yet at the same time he hold grudge to the person that caused the death of his family. He is turning into a devil.

Now I am officially a fan of Ohno Satoshi, his great performance as Naruse Ryo/Amano Tomoo blew my mind. Watching the drama, I can feel and understand Tomoo hatred and grudge... Sad story, brilliant plot, great performance... what more do you want?


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