Friday, January 2, 2009

School Rumble スクールランブル

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama, School
Episodes : 26

Tsukamoto Tenma always have her eyes on Karasuma Ooji, sadly when they are finally in the same class she found out that Karasuma will be leaving to America the next year. Tenma realizes that she have to take all her chances to tell him how she feels before the time runs out. At the same time Harima Kenji the school delinquent and a part time mangaka is in love with Tenma and trying to let her know his feelings.

Not a recent anime, but I think it's one of the best. Funniest clueless love triangle *rofl* anime ever!! School Rumble came in 4 titles:

  • School Rumble
  • School Rumble :Extra Class (OAV)
  • School Rumble : 2nd Semester
  • School Rumble : Sangakki (OAV)
Oh it also available in manga format written and illustrated by Jin Kobayashi in the Weekly Shonnen Magazine. Have fun watching the trailer ^^


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