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Wonderland – Cute Manga Style F2P MMORPG =)


Okay people.. Wonderland is a cute F2P manga styled MMORPG that have something different to offer. You know how you always wish that you have your own private home in the virtual world, that you can decorate when you are not out there training? Come on, I know I did… When you started, you will be on board a holiday cruise. It’s fated that the ship will hit an iceberg and sank, you will be thrown overboard and washed ashore. When you woke up a bearded blond man Crusoe… oh yes.. the famous hermit.. He will give you a raft and told you to go to the neighbouring island, which you should.. you would wonder why he wouldn’t go there himself but he said it’s too crowded……

A video of all the NPC that will go along through your journey in Wonderland, each have different story that touch the heart =)


What’s cool in this game =)

Catch / adopt a pet or NPC to be in your group and help you train. You can keep four pets / NPC in your group, it will follow and fight along with you as long as you keep its amity points above 20, below that and it will run away. You can also choose to ride your pet =) You can also adopt4 different choice of pet from Evru the NPC in Welling Village if you answer her questions correctly, click on the treasure box and she will ask you more questions if you answered correctly you get a blue print design of a boat.


Remember, your pet and NPC friend will run away if you have their amity point below 20, make sure you don’t let them die too many times.


Oh yes… You can choose to ride the NPC as if you want as long as you have them in your group =P


You can recruit an NPC Niss (Maiden outside Kelan Village) to be in your group, and NPC Xoalan by doing quest, and NPC Monkey at Starter Beach. However the monkey will leave your group when you found it’s family.


You will need to gather this item before you can make anything. Some items are gathered using daily life skills while you can get the rest from fighting with monster.


You can customize your house by building furniture the way you like it, well actually the furniture look the same like everyone else but you can arrange and decorate it the way you want it. You also have daily life skills such as fishing, cutting etc. If you work real hard you can get yourself a car

Beginners Quest

There are several quests that you need to do to help you begins your journey in Wonderland and here are some that I think most important. When you arrived at the starter beach, head to Kelan Village.


    • Get the Tent

      Head to the Astrologer house that’s located at X: 1772 Y:2035 .After talking with the old lady, a short movie will triggered as you leave. She will tell you that you are not from their time and give you a tent. This tent will be your home and essential training boost. You can make house furniture and stuff that will boost your training experience and quests. I recommend making bathtub, it will help generate your HP and SP points faster than sitting

    • Get the weapon of your choice

      Head to the Kelan Village Leader house at location X: 1582 Y: 1535 . He will tell you to find a scroll in a nearby cave that is located at X: 2262 Y: 455 , you will pass by two rabbit, go up the stairs and you’ll find the cave entrance. You gonna have to fight a giant lizard (pretty easy but I recommend you get yourself a party just in case.

    • Remote Control

      Head to Welling Village and talk to the aunt that's cooking between the row of houses. She will asked you to fetch some cooking ingredients from the Fruit Grower, that is the old man standing beside the grape farm near the entrance. Remote Control is a bot that you can set so your character will auto attack monster and heal itself using items in your bag. So if you don’t feel like training manually you can set up the remote and let your window open.


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