Sunday, July 15, 2007

Orisinal Game by Ferry Halim

I've stumble upon this website by accident when i was browsing the internet. It's too cute and i love the soft color. There are 60 cute mini flash games available for you to play on this website. Each are created using soft colour and cute design. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to play a simple fun game. Take a look at this pictures, anyone of any age and gender are able to play.

What Comes Around - mini game by Orisinal

An Early Spring - mini games by Orisinal

This website and it's contents are created by Ferry Halim, who lives in Clovis, CA. and started Orisinal in 2000. Check out his portfolio at his website or buy his cute merchandise at his online store. His store offers mugs, apparel, tote bag and boxes, and clocks. I wouldn't mind getting the mug for myself ^^, imagining myself enjoying a hot coffee while looking at the cute prints.. awww lovely!


Sonora said...

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