Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Legend (태왕사신기)

I am currently watching a Korean fantasy historical drama, The Legend (태왕사신기) which also known as 'The Four Guardian Gods of the King' . I have always love fantasy historical movie or drama and this is one of the best, I'd recommend it to everybody.

The story begins, when Lord Hwanwoong the son of God decends to the earth to restore peace. However, he fell in love with a female warrior from the Bear Tribe (Saeoh) and gave her the orb of the Pheonix. Kajin, a warrior from the Tiger Tribe feel betrayed and jealous, took Saeoh's baby and throw him over the cliff. Thinking that her baby had died, Saeoh unleashed the power of a Black Pheonix that destroy the land. Lord Hwanwoong then summon the three guardian, Woon Sa, Poon Baek, and Woo Sa to destroy the Black Pheonix.

Feeling that he have failed his task, he returns to heaven and left behind a prophecy that one day a true king will be sent from heaven to unite the nation and restore peace and prosperity to the land once again. On the night that he is born, a Jooshin star will shine so bright to announce his birth and the four guardians will be awaken to serve him once again.

Lord Hwanwoong's follower had divided into four country and wait silently for the birth of the true Jooshin King. 2000 years later, two baby prince was born at the same night the Jooshin star soar in the sky.

What happened next? Well, I wouldn't want to spoil the details. Follow the series and find out, it's worth the watch.

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Who was Dam-deok (Gwang Gae Toh Dae Wang)?

He was the 19th king of Goguryeo (lasted from 37 B.C. to 668 A.D.). During the time of Dam-deok, Goguryeo was the most powerful nation in East Asia (Even the Chinese dynasty couldn’t defeat Goguryeo). At age 11, he was made the Crown Prince and became King when he was 16. In 396, he attacked Baekje (a nation Southwest of Goguryeo) and took over the northern area above the Han River. He defeated the many invasions made by the Yeon Dynasty (China) after 400 A.D. During his reign, the number of castles he took over numbered in the hundreds and villages numbered in the thousands. However, he died at an untimely age of 39.


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