Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dream of Mirror Online - part 1

Dream of Mirror Online or aka DOMO amongst the player is now availabe in open Beta for English version, brought by Aeria Games. I have played so many mmorpg before and currently I'm hook to DOMO. What I love about DOMO is player are able to exchange jobs any time after reaching lvl 10, without having to build a second character like most mmorpg I've played. Currently it is only offering 2 characters slot. I can simply go to the Career Advisor NPC and do a job change at the Dojo in Eversun City or any other city. So whenever I got bored playing Shaman (that's my main job), i just change into a Doctor or Dancer. Currently there are 13 jobs availabe. Another job I'm looking foward to try is Witch Doctor. It is currently unavailable. When I got bored with training, I do fun quests. Finishing quest rewards not only experience and fame, but equipments and miscellaneous tools as well. There are some quest limitation though, to my greatest regret the pet quest, it is only available in Japan and Korea. What i love most about DOMO is the ability to equip skills and weapon from other job that you have learn. In my case, playing Shaman requires alot of mana points (MP) and sometimes when I'm out of MP and attack points (yes you can accumulate attack points and strike a special blow, the more you accumulate, the higher the damage!!), and when it's lagging >.< (my inet is bad plus I'm playing on US server and I'm from the other side of the world... sigh. Maybe I should play DOMO Indo version but I have problem understanding most of the language.. sigh again!!! XXXXXP), the monster caught up with me and I get damage. This is when Doctor's Regeneration skills are important. Take note however, using secondary weapon doesn't give the 100% damage as using your main weapon!

I've become a full fledged Shaman after taking the qualification quest ^^

When I first started, a series of question was given. This determined of your social status in the game. You will be able to develop 3 types of relationship, Teacher and Student, Friends, and Lover. You can develop this relationship by appointing another player to be a Teacher or Student, Friends or Lover at the NPC. I've met a player who was very helpful to me so I appoint him as a teacher, the relationship level may be increased by paying Dreamstone which is drop by monster randomly. I've learn that playing together with you teacher, student, lover or friends.. anyone that you have a high level relationship will give a bonus attack or buff. However, some of the relationship are predestined depending on your birth date and Chinese zodiac sign, you'll be connected to a certain players by fate. I've met a relative and rival online. As for the destined lover, you will be able to find out pretty fast as you are abviously connected by a thin red line. Of coz, it only make things awkward to most player and choose to pay no attention to it, the same goes to me. Never really talk to my supposedly destined lover. So even if you meet one, nothing will happen without initiative!!

I've appoint another player to be my teacher, using action skill (advanced emo) to show my appreciation..rofl

How much is the game fee? no worry it is free ^^. The only thing that I regret is not able to play all the different races offered. Yes, there are four races, Human, Slyph, Shura and Sprite. The limited slot had me play only as Slyph and Shura. For more info on races please go to Aeria Games or click this site link.

Slyph race are originated from Collington

I will tell more of my journey in this mirror world in the next post ^^ Next post will the ability to fly and everyday skills.. hopefully I have time to upload my own Domo gameplay movie. I'm really busy with my drawings stuff I don't even have time to level my cute Shaman T-T


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