Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bread and Butter

Well, this is one cute game that will save your hard disk, no installation required as the game is flash based. What you need to do is to create and account with Outspark and you are free to play all their games. Now Bread and Butter is the kind of game you played at leisure speed, you increase your store level by selling... duh pastry. Some recipe, store decoration and new location on the map are only available after you reach certain level or you may buy from the online Store.
To manage your store you can hire help to maintain the cleanliness and to entertain customer.

How to gather material for cooking? Well by playing their cute mini games such as Spooky Strawberry Patch to gather strawberry or Banana Beats to gather banana. Same thing goes to baking, you will need all these item you have collected for baking. Each recipe requires different ingredients and you get to play different mini games for each recipe as well.

Spooky Strawberry Patch Mini Games

A mini game to bake a deco cookie

This is your hometown map

Two quest are available on my screen @@"

Now remember, mini games are located differently on the map. And a new addition, you can now do quest too. Have fun ^^


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