Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dream of Mirror Online - Part 2 The Flying Frog Quest

As I have promised in my previous post, I'm gonna share my journey in this virtual world. After training hard (mostly doing quests to gain experience points) I finally reached level 15. I even came across my supposedly destined lover in town and while training on the plains. Once I met 3 of them in one map ROFL (roll on the floor laughing!!!)

Can you see the red thread?! BTW this pic was taken after I gain the ability to fly and I dont know that other player.

As soon as I reached lvl 15, Chasm King appears before me with a new task, learn how to fly!!! This excites me, I'm getting tired travelling at low speed and following the same path around the hill bores me.

My first meeting with the old man.. ehmm.. i mean Chasm King

The first thing I did was to head to Swan Lake Basin to defeat the Flying Frog King, I was lucky when I got there two players wanting to do the same quest are waiting to form a quest party. I called upon my Teacher who helped us defeat the FFK easily. As soon as it was defeated I gain a flying powder that I need. Brought it to Randy Charleston in Eversun City and learn the skill. It is now available on my everyday skill window, amongst other daily skills such as fishing, mining, herding, making weapon, alchemy etc. but most importantly now I CAN FLY!

Defeating Flying Frog King Quest

Ah! Talk to Randy Charleston again! He told me he once fancy a flying fairy. He stole her magic shoes when she was bathing in a river so she could never return to Heaven and be with him on earth forever =.=". The fairy was furious of coz, even after he return the shoe she refused to talk to him but flying around Eversun City air. "Please" he said, please tell her I'm sorry and I really wish she could be with me forever. So using my flying skill, I try to find the fairy. My first attempt at flying really makes me dizzy but I manage to find her real fast with the help of my Teacher.

Found the flying fairy, see my Teacher at the background

When I finally found her, she tells another story. According to her, she is not a heavenly being as Randy Charleston think she is. She is just another human being, but how did she gain the ability to fly? Certainly she didn't kill any Flying Frog King. Once, she saw a handsome heavenly being taking a bath in a nearby river. He was so handsome she fell in love right away, she wanted him to be with her forever so she stole his shoe. Unfortunately the heavenly man doesn't know how to swim and died drowning. Amused, I ask her why she didn't accept Randy's love? Her answer was alot simpler!! Check the picture below and you'll understand.

The flying fairy aka shoe stealer sure have high expectation, maybe coz she's so high up the sky? Lol


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