Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jikou Keisatsu

Kiriyama Shuuichiro is a policeman who loves to investigate unresolved cases that have reached the time limit (closed). With the help of Mikazuki Shizuka; a police from the traffic department; they have managed to solved several murder cases. I especially like 'Kill with a Kiss' Case File. Like any other mystery drama, the pace is a little slow but you will not get bored because the story itself is not heavy. Make sure you look at the background scene, you might see something bizarre.

Case 2 : The Olympic Murder Affair

Moreover, this drama feeds you information without force, it was given gradually so you won't feel like you head is about to burst with too much information. You obtain clues from scenes without having to crack you head to figure it out. Unlike most mystery drama, you already know who were the criminals from the beginning; the gist is about finding clues to prove them guilty. Often, Kiriyama will explain his hypothesis to Mikazuki casually, usually followed by a skit at the background scene. You'll get more scenes like this when you least expected (the comical part). The exaggerations are funny so I had a good laugh at it. Please take note, if you are looking for a thick mystery plots, this is not what you want so keep your distance.

Can You Solve This Problem?

There's not a moment you don't enjoy. Another interesting character is Jumonji Hayate. He filled up the story with his silly undercover feats; most often it attracts more attention so it never work out for him ROFL. Jumonji always turns to Kiriyama for hints, though later on he pretends that he solved the problem by himself. Others are Kumamoto, Matarai and Saneie who works with him and help him to come out with a deduction, however most times you’ll see them in pointless conversation as seen on the cutscene above. Not that I mind *heh*.

So grab a copy of the vcd or dvd at the nearby video store, it is also available in Popular Bookstore and is a lot cheaper. Mind you this drama is not recent so I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t find it on sale. I only manage to get hold of my copy two years ago (those days it's hard to get anything recent and even if they do the volume are limited >.<""" plus the subtitle are really bad so learn a little Japanese would be a good idea), the second season (Jikou Keisatsu II) is available as well. I believe the video store in Jusco do sell old titles at cheaper price. So good luck and enjoy ^^


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