Monday, September 29, 2008

Sexy Voice Robo

This is a light drama, a comedy with a touch on humanity. This drama is based on a manga by the same title that won the Excellence prize in 2001 at Japan Media Arts Festival. The casts are Matsuyama Kenichi as Sudo Ichiro a.k.a. Robo, and Ohgo Suzuka as Niko a.k.a. Sexy Voice. In case you still haven't noticed, Matsuyama was L in Death Note. It's amazing how his character evolved from someone that so cool and smart as L , into an immature idiotic otaku who are crazy on robot toys; hence his nickname Robo. He is hilarious in this series, I just love his idiotic expression!! "Max Bomber!!! Max Attack! Max Punch!!!"

They met each other on an intersection, Niki running in fear after seeing a blood fight; while Robo running away (more to being chased away) from a mob of martial artist and a policeman, he was accused as hentai (pervert) by accidentally blew air on a girl's neck (he was letting out a heavy sigh!!! LOL). I just love the scene it was hilarious!! Just thinking about it will make me laugh!

Probably the only fight scene in this series, i don't remember have to watch it again lol

The girl is hitting him with her handbag "Hentai!!!" she screamed at him!

Where they meet for the first time ^^ and no this is not a love scene lol

Kan Sung Hon : Winter Sonata Parody

They meet again when Niki decided to investigate the place she saw the crime. Not having anyone she can confide, she call an adult service line and trick the guy on the other end to accompany her to the scene. The man turns out to be Robo. Not only they manage to find the guy, they learn that his true identity; an assassin and his next assignment is to kill the owner of an antique store, Myakon Maki. Together they manage to stop him. Grateful, Maki approached them to work with her as spies. Using her talent to alter voice, Niko and Robo started their journey, solving weird and funny cases. Each episode promises a good laugh!!

Sexy Voice and Robo

Video (picture slides) credit to reirean, domo!! Love it!!


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