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Aurora Blade - Free Browser-Based MMORPG

Well MMORPG lovers, guess what... there's a new game that you might want to try out... It's not that new but considering it has just been launch about two or three months ago it is still quite new. Great news is you don't have to spend the looooong hours waiting for a client to finish downloading and have half of your hardisk space taken, which is probably filled with numbers of MMO games you've downloaded before and refuse to let go tho it's been like the last you log in was six months agooo... Now Aurora Blade is browser-based MMORPG so no installing required.

You only need to register with IGG if you don't already have an account and it's free.. Click the images above to go to the site. Unlike all those other browser-based games that you have to spend a lot of your times just... watching.. waiting... for it to develop into a city, collecting materials, etc yada yada *sigh* this one I'm gladly say is not. I'm not saying it's not fun watching things grow... but in Aurora Blade you are actually more in control unless of coz u wanna do nothing but chat, or go idle and afking... afking.... for the love of GOD if you don't wanna do anything LOG OUT!

You can either choose to chat with another player by clicking the (...) bubble or attack him / her by clicking the sword icon.

You actually got to see your character in action... See I'm casting fireball spell.. ;)

When you create an account you are given 5 slots for characters, since this game is quite new there is only one server, MERCURY... and currently there is only one race available at the moment, however there are 4 different class for you to choose from. Unfortunately besides selecting your gender you still can't customize your character looks, if you wanna be a priest you are stuck with the green hair. I'm not saying it's ugly but it would be a lot nicer if we have a few different colors and style right?

Character Class /Job Description


Warriors excel at melee attacks and utilize various melee weapons to fight enemies. Protected by thick armor, they can resist a lot of physical damage in battle. Warriors can choose advanced weapons in the later period of the game and show off their powerful abilities.


Priests are known for the power of their holy spells of healing. Even young priests can heal the dying while older, more experienced priests are able to revive the dead. Kind-hearted priests always protect other players and fight for justice, while evil priests seek destruction and chaos.


Mages wield spell magic against their enemies. These distance based attacks assure that the mages aren't directly in the battle. The restrictions of spell magic mean mages are unable to protect themselves with thick armor. However, as mages grow in power they eventually will choose an expertise and become very strong later on.

Knight (or izzit Hunter?? **rolleyes** they look like hunter to me >.<)

I personaly think the job / class description fits the Hunter type since this job equipt bow or something similar, plus they do range melee attack. Probably some mistake in the name there but what do I know... I'm not the developer. Knights travel around the world constantly. They roam the countryside taking the battle to the monsters. They are their own one man army, 'Masters' of their destiny. They usually start with a ranged attack to soften up their target, and then move in for a melee finish. They will not run from any battle or foe, though they strongly distrust and fear magic.

Now the graphic may not be state of the art but it's cute, kinda reminds me of a certain famous Korean MMORPG a lot... ahemm... some of the icons are disturbingly SIMILAR as if it's been RECYCLED and RENAMED. Like I said, this game is pretty new so give it some time.. I'm sure they are working on it right now.. =)

I don't think it's a problem tho... ;) I just want free games >___< Move around by clicking the location name

When you are in a certain location you will meet NPC that offers you different kind of services like trading, quests etc.

In AB (Aurora Balde) you can customize your character's build, if you are a Mage I suggest you pump on INT.. duh! It's the basic stuff I'm sure you all know that. You can maxed you weapon at the blacksmith, buy new dresses (armor), etc.. all the basic amenities you commonly find in a MMO world. Got tired hitting monsters but don't want to attack other players? Go do a quest, there are lots of quests available and you'll be rewarded with items and exp. You can form a team or join a guild, go to the arena and battle to get fame or form a relationship with another player and get married.

You will get status points everytime you leveled up, use it wisely that best benefit your character type.

For a browser-based game Aurora Blade have a lot to offer. If you don't know what to do at first, there's an online help or you can ask me. This game is pretty basic so I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. So what are you waiting for, try Aurora Blade today!!! <<-- sound like a cheesy commercial lmao..

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