Sunday, December 28, 2008

Puzzle 2008 パズル

Title : パズル (Puzzle)
Aired : TV Asahi (2008)
Genre : Mystery, Comedy

The story begins when Matsuo Yuuko went to visit her dying grandfather Aoyagi Ryuzaemon. On his death bed he left them a riddle, whoever managed to solve it will inherit the family heirloom, a pure gold pot that was passed down by their ancestors. Yuuko then went to Imamura Shinichi for help, he was one of the best student in the well known Tokumen High. With his two best friends he tried to solve the riddle that doesn't seems to make any sense in the beginning..

It was then their new replacement English teacher, Misako Ayukawa came and solved the riddle in one glance. Inviting herself along with the three boys, they went to the Aoyagi Mansion to find more clues of the riddle.

Misako Ayukawa war very poor in English yet she possesses a brilliant mind for solving puzzles. She ends up tackling various cases with the help of Imamura, Tsukamoto and Kanzaki.

The original title of this JDorama is Puzzle but I added 2008 because there are two titles of the same name, first released in 2006 and now this one, in 2008. Although the story revolves around the three boys, the storyline are totally different.

This drama are very entertaining, it's been a long time since I found interesting mystery drama that can actually compete with Trick series and Galileo, but this one is quite entertaining. Enjoy the trailer =)


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