Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Destiny Online (Open Beta) - MMORPG

Hi! It's now time for the MMO review. Today I'm gonna write about another F2P Destiny Online aka Legend of Golden Plume. At first glimpse Destiny Online might appear like a "kiddie" game, cute graphic, cute character/monster/map/item design etc. Most often a game like this will received harsh comments by gamers who thinks its solely aiming asian/kids/girls market yadayadayada...

I dare not write a review without testing the game myself. Originally this game was open for players under the name Legend of Golden Plume, however beginning Jan 13 this year it is now ready for Open Beta under a new name, Destiny Online. At the same time it is launching a new server "Penguin" for new players, there are 6 character slots available and 5 different classes to choose from; warrior, swordsman, priest, mage and taoist. Besides catching pet and get cool mounts, this game also support the master-apperentice and marriage system. It is pretty easy to catch pets in this game, you can catch it using the fairy rope from quests or buy from the npc trader in game.

You can catch almost all kind of monster however you will not be able to summon it to fight along with you if your level are lower than the pet itself.

You can also rename your monster, feed and customize the pet stat points according to your liking. I heard rumours that there are a special pet called "babes" that have special skills. I haven't seen one so I can't confirm on it.

Some of the cool mounts available in game.

If you get bored training or collecting items, there also IQ games you can participate where you answer some general questions. The top ten in rank will receives in game gifts.

There are This game also offers fierce PK and Tribal War. You can choose to join any tribe when you reach lvl 10, or form your own when you reach lvl 40. The tribe system is actually a guild system that are commonly applied in other MMO. So what are you waiting for? Join Destiny Online and be part of the friendly neighbourhood today.


Aiso said...

wuik... apo ko bondo ni? game ka? nanti aku jatuh cinta pulak sama salah satu kaerkter di dlm game tu...

Cherry said...

ia game... besa la tu.. ramai orang dalam game begitu.. ada yg betunang lagi konon padahal nda pernah bajumpa... hahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Gday :)

Which are the top as well as most used mmorpg and role play game games of the year 2010 and may be played for 2011?
If it is possible tell me how many people play in mmorpg's and then in case of rpg's tell methe system specification and some webpage where there is stats of these video games may be specified(same goes for mmorpg to).

Thank you !

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