Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dragon Zakura ドラゴン桜

Genre: High School, Drama, Comedy Episodes: 11 Official Website

Sakuraji Kenji was sent to Ryuuzan High School to declare its bankruptcy. However for his personal reasons he decided to set up a special class, his goal... to send five students into the most extablished university in Tokyo - Todai University. Things are not working out smoothly in the beginning as the average score of this school are 36/100 and most of the students hate studying and have no future goal.

A must watch to both students and teachers alike. It's not the typical great teacher saving students from choosing the wrong path in life kind of dorama. Instead it's a really refreshing high school dorama that actually teaches you not just the reality of life, but actually giving you great tips on studying methods. I actually did some of it during my high school years and it really does works. I'm really enjoying this dorama and I believe so will you. Watching this dorama make me wish I can go back to school and study... I wish I had Sakuraji Kenji as my teacher and Yamapi or Teppei in my class!!!! I must be in Todai if I did... lol.. the most important rules in modern life "the first one to raise his fist are the loser!" Watch this dorama and you'll understand. =)

Abe Hiroshi as Sakuragi Kenji
Yamashita Tomohisa as Yajima Yusuke
Nagasawa Masami as Mizuno Naomi
Koike Teppei as Ogata Hideki
Aragaki Yui as Kosaka Yoshino
Nakao Akiyoshias Okuno Ichiro
Saeko >as Kobayashi Maki


$en$ei said...

ini ka muvi yg ko komen dlm smtekniklikas tu?

$en$ei said...

alalalala, hehehe. yg jadi ahli fizik dalam cerita trick tu kan?

Cherry said...

ia... hehe best oo ni bagus ko tinguk la stail dia ajar murid dia... BAKASAN ooo!!

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